Artist Statement

By exploiting the fragility and translucency of porcelain, I employ the process of casting on metaphorical terms. To me, a mold creates a memory of an object, picking up the traces of its use and history. Clay has the ability to contain this memory, creating a ghost-like membrane that divides presence from absence. It is this fine line between reality and memory that my work explores.


I cast everyday objects in order to investigate their narrative qualities and potential to play off the collective memory of the viewer. When experiencing a memory we focus our energy and are transported to another place for a brief moment in time. Like the wall of a thinly cast form, these inner thoughts are separated from the outer world by a thin membrane.


As an installation artist working within the context of a particular place, I become a mediator between site and object, object and viewer, past and present. By combining cast objects and temporal situations, I offer a visual metaphor for the phenomena of time and memory while encouraging viewers to be mindful of their own physical placement in space and time. Like a drip of water, each second we experience becomes a memory. As we navigate space and time, we truly only exist in our memories.


Notions of place, time and the importance of our everyday experience are consistent themes throughout my work. Ultimately, I hope that my work is able to communicate the preciousness of time and the importance of our memories.